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Gantt Designer 2.0
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File Size: 608.4 Kb

Gantt Designer 2.0

Publisher:Timios Ideas
Language:English, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Requirements:.NET Framework
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Gantt Designer - How can a business proposal be taken seriously if it does not contain a graphical presentation of your project activities? If you need a nice Gantt chart fast to demonstrate that you have done due dilligence, Gantt Designer is the tool for you.

Most acknowledge that Microsoft Project is too difficult to use if all you want is a nice-looking Gantt chart. For example, unless you are a project management guru, you would be puzzled why some tasks jump all over the place when you make a little change.

There are a number of low-cost alternatives to Microsoft Project. But none of them come close to the features for Gantt chart desigining found in Project. Timios Gantt Designer is an exception. Gantt Designer is serious but easy-to-use and focussed solely on Gantt charting. Textual data are entered like in a spreadsheet. For data that can be graphically represented, eg start time or duration, you can use your mouse to drag and resize time-bars.

Charting assistance with true calendaring. Specify the number of days required to complete a task and Gantt Designer will automatically take care of weekends and holidays. Updates automatically as you change the start date.

Drag and drop to link tasks, with extensive checks on dependencies and affected tasks will be automatically re-scheduled, visually and instantaneously. Links that are meaningless are prevented.

Very flexible printing options that are a breeze to set up. Spans large charts across multiple sheets with ease and like what you would expect. You can also print to a crisp image file for inclusion into web pages.

Copy and paste portions or whole chart into other Office documents with ease.

Catered to an international audience, Gantt Designer is Unicode-enabled and local settings for date/time and number formats are used.

List of Changes:

Version 2.0 from 2010-02-17

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Version 1.0 from 2006-04-28

More features


Gantt Chart Designer

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File Size: 608.4 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Erik 2011-07-29 13:27:23 #
Version: 2.0

It looks like a reasonable program but is insufficient for my needs as I need a resolution of less than an hour.

Ken Larsen 2011-02-07 08:57:42 #
Version: 2.0

I wasn't able to download it.

Maile Nema 2010-11-26 06:10:14 #
Version: 2.0

this great program but i have question
is there way to connect this gantt chart on Dev c++ complier by coding??
is there way to show it on consul windows on Dev c++??

Ahshah 2010-11-14 15:59:57 #
Version: 2.0

It works well enough. I haven't ever made a Gantt chart before, but with this software, everything is well laid out and it only takes a little bit of experimentation to figure things out.

I'd certainly recommend it, it's a far easier (and more flexible) solution than trying to make Gantt Charts in MS Excel/OpenOffice.Org Draw.

Leppink 2010-10-20 10:26:19 #
Version: 2.0

I like the product very well. But... How can I set de bar annotations for each (new) task as default? E.g. I want for default the task ID at the left of each task-bar...

Mmullers 2010-07-29 23:33:30 #
Version: 2.0


Unfortunately, I never got it to work. It kept telling me at startup that I was missing the .net files (which I wasn't). I reinstalled .net from Microsoft, and still no help. Sorry, I would have really liked to try it.

Jan Klis 2010-06-17 04:52:51 #
Version: 2.0

The programme Gantt Designer is good and easy to use to plan bigger tasks for team work.
I intent to use it from time to time.

Annop9 2010-05-24 10:02:02 #
Version: 1.0

Dear Sir./Madam

I had used this program already,very nice program and easy to use.
Thank you for you and your team very much

annop jin

Pratikdg 2010-03-30 07:49:42 #
Version: 1.0

Really easy to use. This beats MS Project when all you really want to do is to put a gantt chart on a single slide in Powerpoint.

Wsltb 2009-06-16 07:11:21 #
Version: 1.0

Does what it says on the tin.

B Faurskov 2009-06-01 07:10:13 #
Version: 1.0

Looks ok. However I could not use the tool since I need a time scale of hours and minutes. Maybe, you will develop that?

Stoerring 2009-05-26 08:33:11 #
Version: 1.0

Great App!
"Gantt Designer" simply does just this. Quick and easy critical path creating. Even percentage of completion can be displayed.

I recommend it.

Habuthraya 2009-04-06 05:56:13 #
Version: 1.0

Really, it is a useful program, Thank you.

Phillip.thompson 2009-03-17 15:14:05 #
Version: 1.0

Simple and easy to use

I found the Gantt Designer simple and easy to use. Could use a few more features, but works for simple scheduling.

Hkeller 2009-03-08 09:18:59 #
Version: 1.0


Have used the construction graph works nice, easy to use.

thanks will defiantly order product.

Hans Keller

Taq 2009-03-07 20:23:17 #
Version: 1.0

Compact & Easy Operation

Gantt Designer is compact and easy to navigate compared with popular project management software which has too many features and consume a lot of disk space. For personal and uncomplicated project scheduling and management I recommend this product.

Coach_Marty 2009-03-05 19:47:35 #
Version: 1.0

Good software

After downiloding the software. I used for a work project that helped out well. Thanks!


Sodaltech 2009-02-27 21:02:44 #
Version: 1.0

Nice Effort

Very nice software. Good effort. Thanks a lot.

Tony_sowers 2009-02-25 15:46:01 #
Version: 1.0

Good, but could be better

In general, I find it relatively easy to learn and use. Some of the formatting tools, while extensive, are non-intuitive to find.

I'd like to see major changes in the "splitter". It should be possible to have many columns of information and be able to see them all, even if the time bars are almost all gone. Moving the "splitter" back so only a few columns show is good for reporting, but is a bit of a nuisance during data entry.

Help file should include some discussion of figuring out the ratio of width to height and how to export to JPEG so the result carries all the detail that will be readable on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

The number column is too narrow and not adjustable.

It would be great if there'd be a display option which "rolls up" already completed sub-tasks into their completed header. That would allow more tasks lower down to slide up into visibility and would allow the chart to encompass a larger project.

That said, This is good software, better than several others I have tried.

Av-viennabartholomew 2009-02-24 05:02:15 #
Version: 1.0

Gantt Chart Designer

It is not very user friendly. I had a little difficulty maneuvering through the program. It was a little bit too technical for the simple things I wanted to do with it.

Michael.sakowitz 2009-02-18 12:23:11 #
Version: 1.0

Nice product

A nice basic capability to build a GANTT chart.
Just what I needed.

Raaf 2009-02-11 14:45:09 #
Version: 1.0

My little helper

Very nice little work. Does the job.

Tom2move 2009-01-22 16:55:59 #
Version: 1.0

New user

I have been looking for a Gantt chart to try to plan out my university degree and this is what I have settled on. The most useful feature for me is the ability to drag tasks to different parts of the chart. I could not do this with any other programme that I tried.
I found the course modules very repetitive. I had to create each task individually, when it would have been easier to create one task and then to edit copies of it for the rest of the chart.
I can see that this programme is still work in progress, so I won't criticise too much! In all, a good programme which has the potential to become a great programme.

Abdul 2009-01-14 22:10:46 #
Version: 1.0

Usage Experience

I used the Gantt Designer to make a Gantt chart for my university assignment. The software was extremely easy to use. The charts also looked great. I would like to thank all the developers who contributed in making this useful software. It is a very good alternative software especially for students who cant afford the non user friendly MS. Project.

Bcurtis 2009-01-12 22:11:23 #
Version: 1.0

Your product

Great product.
It is very easy to use and inuitive. Thanks.
When I save a Gant chart it tells me that since I havnt registered that it will save it in a lesser format.
How do I register? Do I have to pay for this?
I cant see any differnece with the format that I currently have.

Diego 2008-12-15 06:13:08 #
Version: 1.0

good freeware

it works fine
well organized

to improve:
users panel
easy of use

well done

Tgetache 2008-12-04 11:55:14 #
Version: 1.0

didn`t save


I downloaded this software and after putting in some work building a gantt chart (for my class the next day - I am a Professor) I tried to save it, and was told that "this software is not registered, and will
only save as sample". Upon pressing OK, I noticed that it had altered my information - whereupon I simply gave up and uninstalled it.

While it is fair for you to require registration for use of the software, this requirement must clearly be indicated prior to actual use.


K.bongs 2008-11-10 03:20:02 #
Version: 1.0


If you want to do something not quite in the line of Gantt designer, than it becomes quite unflexible: i.e. it does not seem to be possible to use 3 month intervals as top line in the chart, to customize the timeline labels or to plan for more than 800 days.

Mlinwood 2008-10-31 10:53:40 #
Version: 1.0

Best freeware Ever

I was looking for a simple GANTT chart for a single page project to track a process.
I am very impressed with this software, the unregistered software printed the chart that I needed, but the extra benifit of registering and being able to save a chart is worth the non effort to do.
I would recommend it to anyone that wants a simple to use very visual charting tool.

Knightriderunlimited 2008-10-31 04:11:13 #
Version: 1.0

Great Program

Gantt Designer is a great software that ive come accross.....helped me out a lot in doing my university assignments...I highly appreciate this remarkable program !!!!!

Thushara.a 2008-10-09 02:10:42 #
Version: 1.0

Easy to Use Excellent Software

I am Quite pleased with the Gant designer. It is very easy to use and dose every thing you need to do up a nice Gantt Chart without any hassle.

emat 2008-09-22 04:48:32 #
Version: 1.0

gannt diagram

Good download, fast and clean. Nice program, easy to use. Basic in terms of graphics but well layed out and useful!

Kerry.anderson 2008-09-03 20:57:51 #
Version: 1.0

Project planning.

Thanks for the free product, it's helping immensely with my project planning.

Writermd 2008-09-02 15:19:20 #
Version: 1.0

Didn`t Work

I downloaded the program, got a bunch of files - none of which appeared to be an app -
tried to open what might have been an app and got gibberish.

Capstone 2008-06-13 01:16:42 #
Version: 1.0

Gantt Designer rocks

You've helped me greatly with my proposals 2008-05-19 01:43:49 #
Version: 1.0

hard to use

After some hours configuring a calendar, task over it does'nt
After a few hours setting a calendar, tasks over it did not take in view weekends or vacations.

Hans M.T. 2008-04-30 03:13:11 #
Version: 1.0

Quick start, Easy to use, Good charts

I just started using this, and it works very well for me.

Daniel A. Kellett 2008-01-03 13:02:04 #
Version: 1.0

Work Structure Sub Tasks

I was very disappointed that I could only divide the work subtask into a maximum of 2 levels: (1) the overall task (2) one level of subtasks. Subtasks could not have subtasks. For example:

1 Course 3330
1.1 Create Syllabus
1.1.1 Consult Text
1.1.2 Consult Academic Calendar

.... 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 are not possible--the system is limited to only two levels. In my experience, most projects require many more layers.

KG 2007-12-26 23:57:11 #
Version: 1.0

Background color and export feature

I like the software, it is really very useful and easy to use but if the output flowchart could be imported to excel or word or ppt (not as an image file)and also the colors of background etc could be editable then it would have really useful for being used in presentations etc.

PaoloIT 2007-12-17 03:00:45 #
Version: 1.0

About using gantt

It is good product it would be very better if it can create also Pert diagrams from gant diagrams

rww1 2007-11-27 23:30:32 #
Version: 1.0

First impression

My first impression after one day: The program is not everything I want, but it's quite useful. The idea of a Gantt program that doesn't try to be a project management system is great. I hope you have time to add even more useful features -- for example multiple connectors pointing to one task. But even as it is, it's simple and useful.

Tom K B 2007-11-06 15:17:03 #
Version: 1.0

Simple and to the point

I am using the program to keep track of groups of small jobs. It is very simple to use and update for me.


ttyy 2007-10-06 17:15:34 #
Version: 1.0

Nice tool

Very handy stuff and FREE! Highly recommend!

Nettie Anne 2007-08-14 04:50:28 #
Version: 1.0

About Gantt

It is very "primitive" program. Much like excel, only it looks older. It would only serve as a guide in making gantt charts, but will not look pleasing on screen. It is not as user-friendly as everyone thinks. I hope for an improvement in the following version.

EMF 2007-05-22 20:55:54 #
Version: 1.0


So far Ok, was trying to obtain a schedule type program using hours, Gantt Designer does not allow this time scale. However it is easy to use & works well.

Al - Michigan 2007-04-18 08:00:57 #
Version: 1.0

Gantt Designer is Wonderful Product

Gantt Designer is a wonderful & easy to use product. I am so happy i have found it.

Knapp 2007-04-11 22:28:07 #
Version: 1.0


The only thing i did not like about the designer was that when making something a half day in duration it could not be chosen to be the second half.

Author's Response:
Hi, this is doable. There are three methods to do this:

1. Just drag the time bar to start on the second half of the day. 2. If the time bar is too narrow to drag properly, click your mouse a second time on a Start date cell, a date picker will show and you can choose AM/PM (or the local language equivalent)
3. Double click row number on the left or Format, Task on the main menu and edit the Start date.

With best regards,

Timios Support

Gerjan 2007-04-05 11:18:25 #
Version: 1.0

Perfect MS-Project alternative

I needed to create a Gant-chart and did not have MS-Project available. With this utility the Gant-chart was ready in minutes. Easy tool with just the features that are needed.

Download Now
File Size: 608.4 Kb